Answering Respondent Questions About Polco's Tailored Feed

  • 10 November 2021
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Residents may ask you:

What does receiving a “tailored feed” upon your subscription to Polco as a respondent entail?

Tailoring a respondent’s feed on Polco simply means showing them other communities in the vicinity who also have Polco profiles, for which they could subscribe if they are interested in providing input. Participation and subscription to any survey or Polco profile is optional, but we have found it helpful to show respondents other surveys that local communities are conducting.



We don’t allow advertising on Polco (and never will) and our intent has always been to only show residents opportunities to engage with their local government or other organizations they choose to share feedback with. We are actively working to make this more clear to ensure respondents understand they will only get notifications for Polco profiles they subscribe to.


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