Building internal support for Polco

Community engagement is at its best when your organization has a cohesive engagement strategy. Introduce your team to the Polco platform by sharing with them some of the many benefits of engaging your community through Polco. 

  • Online surveys let everyone with internet access (including through a smartphone) participate. Get greater participation from a wider swath of your community than you would through board meetings or focus groups. 

  • Once a survey respondent is done with your survey, they will be able to see any other active surveys in your profile. So while they may come in to take the Police Department survey, they will also have the opportunity to respond to the Transportation survey. 

  • Polco allows you to continue interacting with survey respondents by building a panel. The effort that you put into outreach today will help you continue to reach your residents in the future.

  • Live results mean that you can take action immediately on your results, even before the survey closes.

  • Use Polco Live for focus groups, commission meetings and other places where you need live engagement while making it easy for your community to participate remotely. Win-win!

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