How to Email All Your Subscribers on Polco

  • 22 June 2022
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Emailing your subscribers is a great way to let them know when you post a new survey or poll on Polco. Polco makes it easy to let them know you need their input. 

There are two ways to email your subscribers on Polco: 1) when creating a survey or poll and 2) when you want to share a survey or poll you’ve already published. 

When creating a new survey or poll, you’ll see this feature as part of the publishing process. Once you get to the Outreach page of the publishing process, you’ll see the toggle to “email all subscribers” along with the ability to send a survey invitation to your email lists. 

When you want to share a survey you’ve already published, or remind your subscribers to take the survey, click on your survey and click “Share and Manage Access.” 

Scroll down to “Email to Subscribers and Invitees.” 

Edit the email to say whatever you’d like. 

Then toggle on “email to all subscribers.” This will send an email to all of your subscribers inviting them to take your survey. 

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