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  • 26 February 2021
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We love partnering with the Polco community to continually improve the civic engagement experience! In the Ideas category, you can share your ideas and discuss them with other community members and the Polco team. We review every idea and we’ll engage with you to understand your use cases and needs. This will help us decide the best way to help you achieve your goals and whether we want to pursue this idea. 

Before submitting your idea...

Search first 

Have you checked the Ideas category to see if someone already submitted a similar idea? This will save you the time to write it out, and you can upvote their idea. 

Describe your idea in detail

Screenshots are extra helpful! The more you can describe, the higher the chance that we’ll know right away what you mean. This also increases the likelihood that others will vote for your idea. 

Pick a product area

Select the product area that corresponds to your idea, if applicable. 

  • Admin: This idea has to do with your experience as a Polco administrator
  • Benchmark Surveys: This idea is related to benchmark surveys, such as The NCS
  • Respondent: This idea has to do with the experience of survey respondents
  • No product area: The area is not listed here, or you’re not sure which area your idea fits under

One at a time, please :)

Please do not submit multiple ideas in one topic. Feel free to create as many posts as you want for all your different ideas!


How and when will we evaluate your idea?

When you submit a new idea, it will have the New status. The product team will check out your idea and may follow up with questions to make sure we understand your idea fully. We will change the status of the idea accordingly. 

After an initial review, the idea will be marked as one of the following: 

  • Open: We’ve reviewed this idea and kept it open for discussion and voting as we decide whether to implement it. 
  • In Progress: We love it! We’re actively working on implementing this idea. 
  • Delivered: We’ve implemented the idea and it is available for use. 
  • Delivered (In Part): One or more aspects of this idea have been implemented. 
  • Duplicate: This is a duplicate idea, so we will merge it with the duplicate.
  • On Hold: We reviewed the idea and while we don’t plan to build it in the coming months, we may implement it at some point in the future. 
  • Closed: This idea has been closed for another reason: it may fit better in another category and we will move it, or it does not fit with our product vision at this time. 

Reviewing Ideas

We will review all ideas weekly, including evaluating the status of open ideas, and will mark them according to the above categories. If your idea remains in the “Open” status, we’ll comment on it anytime it is under review. 

What happens when we pick up something (status: In Progress)?

This means that we have started working on this idea and you should expect an update in the upcoming weeks. Your idea will begin in design, then be tested by our users (did you know that you can join our testing group?), continue to undergo tweaks until it is ready for development, and then it will be released and marked as “Delivered.” 

What happens when we put something on hold (status: On Hold)?

When an idea receives this status, it can have several reasons (which we will communicate):

  • This is not a good fit with our product vision or strategy: we focus on our vision so that we can make bigger, more significant improvements.
  • Technical limitations: an improvement might have technical dependencies we need to resolve before we can begin working on it.
  • Return on investment: We get a lot of very good suggestions around here, and we prioritize what is most urgent and needed. 

If one of your ideas receives this status, don’t be dismayed! It could very well get picked back up in the future. Keep posting your ideas. 

How many ideas are actually being implemented?

We love your ideas, and we’re are committed to continue working on them! That being said: it’s important to understand that posting an idea on the board does not come with a guaranteed delivery. The ideation board is a tool we use to manage and communicate with customers about ideas, and better understand your challenges with our product. We do the best we can to balance ideas that push us towards our product vision with those that are specifically requested by you. 

Your opinion

We are curious to hear your feedback on our ideation module and processes.

  • Would you like us to handle things differently in regards to ideation?
  • Did you have an idea which was not reviewed?
  • Did you have a hard time finding an idea? Flag it to us!

We want you to keep submitting ideas, so your feedback is always welcome! 

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