GPAL Launching on the Next Generation of Polco

  • 7 October 2022
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Learn how GPAL synthesizes a mass of public data so government leaders can connect with their communities, better understand quality of life, and make informed decisions. 


A cross-industry collaboration, Government Performance Action and Learning (GPAL), has transformed government performance measurement. Polco and academic, government, and private partners amassed a rich database using public information. GPAL synthesizes the public data into easy-to-read indicators on community livability. 


“[It’s] performance measurement doesn’t include a bunch of spreadsheets and data entry,” said Jonathan Wiersma, Polco’s Vice President of Marketing. 


In this press conference, Wiersma, Michelle Kobayashi, Polco Vice President of Innovation, and Tobin McKearin,  Polco Vice President of Data Science, give attendees a closer look at GPAL and its capabilities.


See the full press conference on this exciting launch here!



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