How to Keep Residents Engaged Through Quick Quarterly Surveys

How to Keep Residents Engaged Through Quick Quarterly Surveys

Here’s what we’re hearing from cities like yours: 

  • We want to follow up our scientific survey with short surveys for ongoing resident engagement, but we don’t know where to start. 

  • We’d like to write our own questions, but we don’t know how to make sure the questions are neutral and unbiased. 

  • Our staff doesn’t have time to conduct more than one survey a year. 


Introducing: Quarterly Quick Surveys! 

This set of surveys and polls, developed by survey scientists at Polco’s National Research Center, focus on the heart of livability in your community. If you cannot find these in your profile yet, feel free to save them from the Library! Your Customer Success Manager will be happy to help you review customize, and schedule them if you’d like assistance.

  1. Community Identity
  2. Neighborliness
  3. Customer Service
  4. Community Highlights & Challenges
    1. Alternate Interaction #4 - Safety

Your CSM will also share best practices in engagement and outreach to communicate about these surveys with your community. 



Quarterly Quick Surveys will: 

  • Give you ongoing feedback from residents

  • Give you resident input on next steps from your scientific survey 

  • Grow your resident subscriber count for future surveys 

As we collect data nationally from these short surveys, we’ll share findings with Polco users like you. Be on the lookout for more information on how these surveys will bring you both local and national insights.

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