The Polco Pulse: A Monthly Newsletter You Won't Want to Miss

  • 25 March 2021
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One of the best things about working at a startup is that we don’t just build it once and call it “done”.  Polco is very much a labor of love for those of us who believe that stakeholder engagement is crucial to well-functioning organizations.  And just as we encourage you to reach out and gather data to make informed decisions, we do the same at Polco.  From our Engineering Team to Client Success, we listen and learn from you and others in our field so we can focus on continuous improvement.


In just the last year, we have moved from the first version of the platform to a newer, improved model based on client feedback.  We have changed pricing to give more organizations and local governments an opportunity to use Polco and have provided clients with the ability to customize their experience. Polco launched our new respondent experience, opened the Polco Library, and more.


We know that all of our changes continually expand opportunities for clients to use Polco in new ways but also recognize that those changes are best when easy to access and understand.  Without a clear mechanism for sharing our improvements, clients may not be using Polco to their maximum potential. 


Introducing our solution: the Polco Pulse! A new monthly newsletter for Polco customers, full of quick, easy reads that will help you understand all of the resources available to you and current content from the world of survey research. 


You can expect to see the Polco Pulse in your inbox at the middle of each month.  Every issue will give you a product update from the Product and Engineering teams so you know what new functionality is available and what we see on the horizon in the very near future.  Our survey scientists at National Research Center will update you on surveys available in the Polco Library. Finally, members of our Client Success team will share helpful nuggets of information about how to use Polco more effectively.


We’ll also share current research and case studies that illuminate how data is changing communities.  You will see those monthly in the Polco Pulse, and also during our regularly scheduled webinars.  Upcoming webinar topics and dates will be included with every newsletter. 


As always, we want to hear from you.  Are we missing content that would help you?  Do you have suggestions for new Polco features? Let us know! 

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