Why Polco?

  • 18 March 2021
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Successful organizations know the importance of engagement to build stronger communities and govern responsively. Our online platform has made that engagement easier and effortlessly data-driven.


Convenient engagement

Polco is online and viewable on all devices, making it convenient for respondents to share their opinions whenever, wherever. Schedule conflicts with in-person meetings are no longer a barrier for your community members.


Professionally-written surveys

Our data scientists at National Research Center continually contribute to the Polco Library. You’ll find content for when you simply want to get a pulse on your community or hear how your members are doing when serious events arise. You can use these surveys and pollsets as they are, look around for inspiration, or make a copy and customize to fit your needs.


Verified respondents

When your respondents answer, some of them create accounts, providing their full name and zip code. Polco uses a proprietary matching algorithm to match each account holder within a local verification list, which includes additional demographic and geographic data we automatically add to their account.


Polco can verify roughly 70% of respondents as registered voters, providing a more complete picture of your respondents. Verification also means that each person in your community is equal to one subscriber.


Feedback Panel

When you use Polco, your organization builds a panel of subscribers who can answer future questions. You can engage your growing panel on an ongoing basis, throughout the life cycle of any issue.


Real-Time Analytics

Polco gives you results and insightful demographic data as responses come in. Understand which demographics you’re reaching and each group’s sentiment with reporting breakdowns and maps.

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