Managing Administrator Accounts

  • 13 March 2023
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To access all admin account management functions, navigate to the Account Settings menu using the left sidebar. This will open the Administrators account management page. At the top, you can see a quick overview of the different permission levels available for administrators, followed by a list of your organization’s existing administrators. Learn more about each role here.

Note that the functions listed below are only available to existing profile administrators with the Manager role designation. If you would like to add, remove, or update roles for yourself or other admins in your organization, contact your profile’s Manager.


Adding New Administrators


To add a new administrator, click the Add Admin button. Fill in the user’s name and email address, and then select an appropriate role.  Confirm by clicking the green Add New Admin button. You’ll see a note indicating that the addition was successful, and the new admin will appear in your list of administrative accounts.

Note: Polco profiles include 10 administrative user accounts. Additional admin seats can be purchased as needed; please reach out to success@polco.us for more information!


Removing Administrators

To remove an administrator from your profile, click Remove on the relevant row. Confirm in the dialogue box that appears. You’ll see a note indicating that the removal was successful, and the name will disappear from the list of administrative users.


Changing Administrator Permissions/Roles

To change the role for an existing administrator, click the Role dropdown menu for the relevant row. Select the new role. You’ll see a note indicating that the role has been updated, and the role change will be reflected in the list of administrative users.

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