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  • 23 March 2021
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Think of the Knowledge Base as a treasure trove of answers to all your Polco questions. Here you’ll find FAQs, tutorials, and how-tos. We compiled the answers to all the questions that people ask us about using Polco and put them right here. Here’s how we split things up: 

Basics: Wondering how to choose a plan, edit a logo or description, or get help? This is the place to find the very basics. Everyone starts somewhere, and we suggest you start here :) 

Create Your Content: This is where we answer allll your questions about creating surveys, polls, and live events. 

Engagement & Outreach: How many ways are there to say “please take my survey”? Look here for social media templates, sample press releases, email list uploads, and engagement strategies. Then sit back and watch the responses roll in! 

Understand Your Data: Your responses are in, and now it’s time to understand, interpret, and share them. Look here about everything from participation rates to reports and much more. 

Webinars: Want to hear directly from local leaders like you? This is where we upload recorded webinars from conversations between the Polco team and community leaders. Tune in! 

Pre-Created Surveys: We really, really love the Polco Library, and we think you will too. Written by our survey scientists at National Research Center, these surveys will save you the time and effort of writing your own questions. Learn how to find, customize, and post these surveys with ease. 

And if you can’t find it-- ask the community! 


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