Using Twitter to tell residents about your survey

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We love this great example of how Athens-Clarke County used Twitter to tell residents about their Community Survey. Great job @Alice Hayes and Athens-Clarke County team! 



Anyone else have examples of how they’ve used Twitter to get the word out? @Jordan VanLoo @Brent Stockwell @Kimberly Humphrey @Megan DeMoss Curious if you’ve tried something like this!

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Here you go, here’s how @ScottsdaleAZgov shared about our results:

We also created this YouTube video to share results:


Sorry - this format doesn’t seem to allow me to embed the tweet the same way as above? 

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@Brent Stockwell this is a fantastic example of using social media to share outcomes-- which we know really encourages respondents to participate in future surveys. Thank you for sharing!! 

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Love this example from the City of Palm Springs, CA!