Outreach Best Practices for The National Business Survey (The NBS)

  • 20 December 2021
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When developing an outreach strategy for The National Business Survey (The NBS), we understand you might be stuck on where to begin — we’re here to help! Here are some methods to use while crafting a strategy that best fits your needs: 


  1. Ask your neighborhood Chamber of Commerce to promote the survey through email or their social media channels. It’s possible that the network of people tied to these channels are local leaders and well-known community members, which could increase the visibility of The NBS.  

  2. Consider any other economic development group — perhaps even one at a county level, such as the Association of Downtown Businesses — and ask them to share The National Business Survey on their channels or through email. 

  3. Take note of the specialty local business groups in your area, such as the Tourism Association or any improvement districts, and asking them to share The NBS on their social media channels is a good way to get The NBS out in front of people who wouldn’t otherwise hear about the survey.

  4. Alert business professional groups like Kiwanis, Rotary, or the Lion’s Club about the survey. This will help you get The NBS out to small business owners as well.

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