Introducing Polco Live — Get Instant Resident Engagement

  • 11 March 2021
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Introducing Polco Live — Get Instant Resident Engagement


- By Jen Aceto -

Polco Live allows local governments conduct real-time engagement at remote or in-person events 

Polco’s new live polling feature lets local governments hear from residents instantly. 

Polco Live allows local leaders to poll their communities in real time, delivering insightful feedback while keeping their communities engaged. The new feature is custom-made to gather crucial information about any issue in numerous settings, whether it be a streaming event, a video call, or an in-person meeting. Polco Live integrates with live video streaming services like Facebook and YouTube Live, allowing for a completely virtual community engagement experience.

“Imagine being able to propose policy in either a virtual setting or an in-person one and in an instant receive feedback, data and comments from your audience to inform decision making,” said Polco CEO Nick Mastronardi. “We believe this not only changes the game for local governments now in the COVID-19 pandemic, but for the future of community engagement.”


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