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  • 30 March 2022
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We’ve created these templates to help you promote your city’s version of The National Employee Survey (The NES) open participation survey online.  These suggested posts are optimized for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor. We recommend posting a different message each week your survey is open. 


Simply fill in the blanks to personalize the text for your community or organization, then copy and paste into your social media platform. To help increase your reach, encourage staff, council members, community partners and local news outlets to “like” and “share” your social media posts about the survey. 


Pro Tip: Social media posts that have colorful images get more clicks than posts that don’t. Feel free to choose an illustration provided by Polco here, or use your own. Pictures of your community (like skylines or popular downtown areas) are great! You can even tag partners in pictures to remind them to retweet or share. Use images with little to no text.


The more you get the word out about your survey, the more responses you can expect!


Social Media Templates (scroll down for images):


Hi neighbors! ___________(Jurisdiction Name) invites you to take The National Employee Survey. Your feedback will help us make important plans for the City (or /Town/Village/County/etc). Please share your thoughts by __________ (last day survey is open). Thank you for helping our community move forward. Take the Survey: (Short URL Link)


What would you like _________(Jur Name) to focus on? We value your opinions, and want to know your thoughts about working in (Jur Name). So you’re invited to give your feedback on The National Employee Survey. Thank you for sharing your voice. Take the Survey: (Short URL Link)


What do you think of _______(Jur Name) as a place to work? Let us know your feedback about the City (or Town/Village/County/etc) on The National Employee Survey. Take the Survey Here: (Short URL Link)


How would you rate your experience as a worker in _________(Jur Name)? Let us know this and more on The National Employee Survey today! We’ll be using your feedback to help make quick decisions for the City (or Town/Village/County/etc). This survey closes soon! Take the Survey: (Short URL Link)


How would you rate the quality of your employment in (Jur Name)? Please take a few moments to share your feedback about the City (or Town/Village/County/etc) on The National Employee Survey. We’ll be using your input to help make upcoming organizational decisions. Take the Survey: (Short URL Link)


Have a say in what ________(Jur Name) does next! Your feedback on The National Employee Survey will help inform how the City (or Town/Village/County/etc) moves forward. Take the Survey here: (Short URL Link)


You know best what being an employee is like in _________(Jur Name). So we want to hear from you! Please take the ________(Jur Name) Employee Survey, and help inform City (or Town/Village/County/etc) plans. Take the Survey: (Short URL Link)


Join the community in helping make our City (or Town/Village/County/etc) a great place to work! _________(Jur Name) is sending out The National Employee Survey to help us better serve residents like you. Take the Survey: (Short URL Link)


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