Download your custom survey/poll results as a PDF report

Once your custom survey/poll results are in, you can download them as a PDF to share with your colleagues and community. These PDF reports are customizable, so you can view them in the way that makes the most sense for your use case.

Begin by clicking on your closed survey. On the right, you’ll see a box entitled “Actions.” Click “Downloadable Report”. 

You’ll then see the PDF Builder page. 

Select the type of report view you prefer from the dropdown menu. Overview Report gives a brief overview of your results, excluding breakdowns. Breakdown report shows demographic breakdowns (age, gender, and any other breakdowns included in your plan). Overview and Breakdown Report is the most comprehensive version. 


You can also select whether or not to include Free Text responses in the report. This option is selected by default, but you can click the box to deselect and exclude free text responses.

You also have the option to toggle between User Reported or Verified Respondent breakdowns. User Reported data is data sourced from the user's responses to Polco demographic questions only, while Verified contains data sourced from verified respondents' voter registration records. These options give you flexibility in terms of how you communicate the results of your surveys.


Once you are ready, click “Print/Download” to download your report.

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