Reporting Results to Stakeholders

  • 23 March 2021
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Communicating Results 

Communicating results on any topic or issue is the primary way to inform decisions and is a critical aspect of civic engagement. Both positive and negative sentiments derived from the engagement effort help shape decisions that impact the future. 


Preparing Reports

On Polco, you can prepare reports for communicating results to your organizational leadership, stakeholders and staff. Polco’s engagement platform is designed to provide sentiment mapping and relevant demographic information from local responders. With Polco’s reporting function, you can generate a standard PDF report. Simply select "Show More Options" tab in the upper-right corner of each question or survey page, followed by selecting "Downloadable Report". 


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Profile Administrators 

Only profile administrators can view question analytics online. Anyone who is responsible for managing the profile and posting questions and/or should have access to the analytical data should be made a profile administrator. You can also add view-only administrators who can view the question results, including all profile analytics, but can’t post or edit online content. 


Presenting Data

Presenting results to your stakeholders is an important aspect of successful civic engagement. You can give individual members administrative viewing rights so they can follow results in real time and print reports as needed. You can also incorporate question results in written form or create a more in-depth analytical report for a meeting to help inform your decision-makers.

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