Understanding your Subscriber Dashboard

  • 5 August 2021
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The Dashboard helps you understand your subscribers on Polco - these are the respondents who will see your public content in their feeds and weekly emails. 


You can grow your subscriber base on Polco by posting content and doing outreach. When you have a large subscriber base, it makes it easier to get responses to future surveys and polls. You can also target your outreach efforts in order to ensure that your content gets to as many people as possible and a representative sample of your community. 


In order to protect the anonymity of respondents, you will not see the breakdowns by demographics until you have at least 10 respondents. 


Once you have 10 respondents, you can see respondent demographic breakdowns by:

  • Age & Gender: This is shown both as those who have self-reported their age/gender and for those who are verified from their voter registration record

  • Race: This is shown if your respondents have self-reported their race

  • Location map: This is shown for verified respondents 

You may see data here even before you have asked your respondents these questions. For example, even if you didn’t add a demographic question on your survey about race/ethnicity, the respondent may have answered this question on another survey. If that’s the case, it will automatically populate on your Dashboard page. You will see age, gender, and location for respondents who have been verified. This information comes from their voter registration file, so it will appear even if you didn’t ask these questions on your surveys.



Here is an example of what you can expect to see:


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