Community Partners Email Template: Custom Survey Promotion

Customize this template by copy/pasting the text below or downloading the attached Word doc.

Use this email (along with the attached survey flyer) to connect with community leaders who may help publicize your survey and reach more participants. Some potential community leaders to consider include:

  • Educational leaders (school boards, principals, university offices)
  • Faith leaders (churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.)
  • Business leaders (Chamber of Commerce, union/trade organizations)
  • Social leaders (HOAs, PTAs, youth groups, sports organizations)
  • Community leaders (YMCA, community centers, local nonprofits)

Check out this article for more ideas about using email outreach to publicize your survey).


We are excited to launch the [survey title] and gather residents’ feedback on [topic area]. This survey creates space for community members to anonymously provide input on (Community Name)’s efforts, actively influencing (City/Town/Village/etc.) decisions and shaping our community’s future.

We know our community is comprised of individuals with vastly different experiences and viewpoints. We also know that despite our best efforts, our own municipal outreach methods won’t reach every corner of our community. To serve all (Community Name) residents fairly and effectively, we need to hear from as many diverse perspectives as possible.

For that reason, we’re asking for your help! We kindly request that you promote this survey with your visitors, patrons, and online networks by:

  • Sharing our survey-related social media material on your own platforms
  • Announcing this survey effort at your upcoming meetings, events, or gatherings
  • Posting the attached flyer in highly trafficked areas (e.g., community bulletin boards, meeting agendas, upcoming public events, etc.)

Please help us ensure that all residents have the chance to make their voices heard! Polco’s platform guarantees anonymity for respondents, so candid and honest participation is encouraged. Your support in this effort will not only increase the reach of this survey but will also support an ongoing dialogue between residents and local leadership.

Thank you for helping to create a more connected and inclusive community!


[attach survey flyer]

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