Internal Departments Email Template: Custom Survey Promotion

Customize this template by copy/pasting the text below or downloading the attached Word doc.

Use this email to encourage other internal municipal departments (e.g., Parks and Recreation, Police/Sheriff, Public Works, Library, etc.) to share the survey with their visitors and online followers. Check out this article for more ideas about using email outreach to publicize your survey).​​​​

(Department Name) is excited to launch the [survey title] to gather residents’ feedback on [topic area]. We believe this survey—paired with the use of the Polco engagement platform to conduct the survey—will help us not only to [survey goals] but also to create a more connected community moving forward.

We are asking for your help to reach as many residents of (Community Name) as possible by:

  • Sharing our survey-related social media announcements on your own pages
  • Asking internal department employees for their participation
  • Posting the attached flyer in highly trafficked areas (e.g., reception areas, common spaces, break rooms, bulletin boards, etc.)

Your support will not only increase the reach of this survey but will also facilitate much-needed connections and conversations between our residents and local leadership. This survey effort lays the groundwork for stronger community-wide engagement and collaboration.

The Polco community engagement platform is a valuable resource available to all departments in the (City/Town/Village/etc.) to gather feedback from residents on various topics. In this survey effort, respondents can sign up to receive notifications about future polls or surveys from the (City/Town/Village/etc.), allowing residents to maintain an active voice in community matters. Additionally, if your department uses Polco for future feedback efforts, you can tap into this existing panel of engaged residents. The platform saves time on outreach, guarantees anonymity for respondents, and provides internal staff with aggregated demographic and geographic data for in-depth analysis. For all these reasons, we invite you to consider using Polco for your own department’s engagement needs! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn more about using Polco or if we can similarly help promote your team’s initiatives in the community.

Thank you for working to build a better community!


[attach the survey flyer]

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