Polco Partnership Announcement: Pre-Survey Launch

Use this template to encourage your community to join the conversation, even if you’re not yet ready to publicize a specific engagement effort. These messages provide a solid foundation to future engagement efforts. Share this messaging to build your feedback panel in advance, so you can easily notify subscribers later when your content is ready for their input. 

(Community Name) is excited to announce its partnership with Polco, an award-winning civic engagement company. Using Polco’s platform, we aim to create an ongoing dialogue between the community and local government leaders. This will help us form a more connected and effective community with the following benefits: 

  • All residents will now have a quick and easy way to provide input on community matters and priorities.

  • This platform allows you—the residents of (Community Name)—to become actively involved in the local decision-making process. Your voice matters! 

  • All residents can easily stay informed on future polling or survey efforts. When new content is published, subscribers will receive an email with an invitation to participate. This allows you to continuously share feedback with officials and maintain an active voice in the community. You can opt out at any time.

  • Participants’ individual opinions and data are kept anonymous, while allowing internal staff to see broad demographic and geographic breakdowns of survey results. Your privacy is important to us, and no personally identifying details are ever shared or visible, even to our staff.

By participating on Polco, you’ll be providing input directly to community leaders and helping us better understand your values and key priorities. Polco will help us ensure that all members of our community are represented, including those that are unable to attend live meetings and those have historically been excluded from the conversation. Hearing from our diverse community is vital for making the best possible decisions about programs, policies, and other matters. Your feedback helps create a healthier economy, happier residents, and a better tomorrow for our entire community. 

Interested in making a positive, progressive change in (Community Name)? Sign up at polco.us/[shorturl] to join the conversation.

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