Press Release Template - The National Community Survey Results

  • 19 February 2022
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News Release


For Immediate Release



Contact: [Name]

[Title, Organization]




[City/Town] Measures Resident Satisfaction with The National Community Survey


[City/Town] recently surveyed residents to better understand the community’s needs and perspectives. 


The National Community Survey (The NCS) was developed by National Research Center (NRC) at Polco.This scientific assessment measures community livability according to residents. It captures opinions on the economy, mobility, community design, utilities, safety, natural environment, inclusivity, engagement, and more.


The results give a comprehensive look at  [City/Town’s] strengths, areas of improvement, and residents’ priorities. Officials can compare [City’s/Town’s] data with more than 600 other communities around the nation. The results show that residents give high ratings to ______ and ________, among other findings.


“[Quote from City/Town leader. Include general sentiments about importance of The NCS, why it was conducted, and how residents will benefit.]”

This is the ___ time that [City/Town] conducted The NCS. Tracking changes over time help leaders measure progress and make data-driven decisions. [Add additional plans for results from The NCS if needed]


[Section regarding highlights of the survey, which can be found in your final report. Include top 3-4 highlights of where City/Town has scored well and where improvement is needed. Showcasing both aspects will engender trust and show commitment to improvement.]


“By completing The NCS, [City/Town] has demonstrated a commendable commitment to improving life in your community,” said Nick Mastronardi, CEO of Polco. “These results will help local leaders take action now and plan for the future.”


View the full survey results [hyperlink]. 


See the highlights video [hyperlink to SVG Showcase Video]


About Polco

Polco brings the voice of everyday residents to local government leaders with award-winning community engagement services, online polls, and survey research. With Polco, leaders around the nation can make better-informed decisions for their communities with accurate and reliable feedback. Learn more at


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