Press Release Template: Custom Survey Launch

  • 31 March 2022
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Customize this template by copy/pasting the text below or downloading the attached Word doc.


News Release

For Immediate Release



Contact: [Name]

[Title, Organization]



[City/Town/Village/etc.] Seeks Input from Residents in Community-Wide Survey

The (City/Town/Village/etc.) has launched the [Survey Title] to gather community feedback for [survey goals].

[Location, Date] – The (City/Town/Village/etc.) of [Community Name] is excited to announce a resident survey to explore resident perceptions and preferences regarding [survey topic]. Public input from this survey will help the (City/Town/Village/etc.) develop better policies, initiatives, and community programs. The survey allows more people to participate in shaping the future of (Community Name).

[QUOTE FROM GOV LEADER OR STAFF ABOUT THE SURVEY’S PURPOSE/VALUE. Example: “We are excited to receive more input for our upcoming parks redesign project. The survey will help us get a baseline understanding of our current offerings and allow us to measure what the community cares about most moving forward,” said the Director of Parks and Recreation.”]

To participate, residents should visit polco.us/)______ (short URL). The survey closes on [DATE]. Participants’ responses will always remain anonymous, and personal information will be securely stored on Polco. Residents’ individual data and votes are never shared. For more information on this process, contact the (City/Town/Village/etc.) at [phone number/email/website].

[QUOTE ENCOURAGING RESIDENTS TO TAKE THE SURVEY. Example: “We strongly encourage all residents to take the survey. The more people who participate, the better data we will have to inform our plan,” said the Director of Parks and Recreation.This is an opportunity for everyone in the community to share their thoughts and influence decisions made in [Community Name].”]

The (City/Town/Village/etc.) plans to solicit additional feedback on Polco in the coming months around this and other topics. Residents are encouraged to create an account with Polco to continue the conversation and share input with the (City/Town/Village/etc.) in future surveys.


About Polco: Polco brings people and data together to help build stronger, healthier communities—all on one award-winning platform. Backed by an expert service team and in-house data science lab, Polco is the first and only platform to offer access to clear insights from industry-leading surveys, polls, government performance data, and interactive engagement simulations. Polco allows leaders to engage residents around their most important topics, align goals, and strengthen public trust. Polco works with more than 400 communities across North America, including Austin, Baltimore, Bozeman, Denver, Edmonton, Fairbanks, Fort Knox, Marin County, Missoula, Park City, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, and Sacramento. In addition, Polco is committed to a strict privacy policy, designed to keep participants’ responses confidential and protect personal data. Sign up on Polco and start sharing your feedback with [Community Name] today.

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