Press Release Template: Custom Survey Results

  • 31 March 2022
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News Release

For Immediate Release



Contact: [Name]

[Title, Organization]



[City/Town/Village/etc.] Measures Resident Satisfaction with _____________

The (City/Town/Village/etc.) has reviewed feedback gathered in the community-wide [Survey Title].

[Location, Date] – The (City/Town/Village/etc.) of [Community Name] recently surveyed residents to better understand the community’s needs and perspectives regarding [survey topic]. Conducted from (start date) to (end date), the survey was designed to (survey goals) and inform upcoming decisions about local policies, initiatives, and community programs.

The results provided a comprehensive look at residents’ perceptions of the (City/Town/Village/etc.)’s strengths, areas of improvement, and top priorities. Residents gave high ratings to ______ and ________, but identified opportunities in __________ and ________. The full survey results can be viewed at [hyperlink]. 

[QUOTE FROM GOV LEADER OR STAFF ABOUT THE RESULTS AND/OR RESIDENTS’ PARTICIPATION.] Example: “We appreciate all community members who took the time to participate in our parks redesign survey. We now have a much better understanding of the community’s current usage of existing facilities, and where we should prioritize our efforts for improvements,” said the Director of Parks and Recreation.]

The (City/Town/Village/etc.) plans to (next steps/actions) according to results from survey effort. Residents will have the opportunity to share additional input in the coming months on Polco as the project continues to progress. Community members are encouraged to create an account with Polco to continue the conversation with the (City/Town/Village/etc.) in future surveys.

For more information on the survey or its results, contact the (City/Town/Village/etc.) at [phone number/email/website].


About Polco: Polco brings people and data together to help build stronger, healthier communities—all on one award-winning platform. Backed by an expert service team and in-house data science lab, Polco is the first and only platform to offer access to clear insights from industry-leading surveys, polls, government performance data, and interactive engagement simulations. Polco allows leaders to engage residents around their most important topics, align goals, and strengthen public trust. Polco works with more than 400 communities across North America, including Austin, Baltimore, Bozeman, Denver, Edmonton, Fairbanks, Fort Knox, Marin County, Missoula, Park City, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, and Sacramento. In addition, Polco is committed to a strict privacy policy, designed to keep participants’ responses confidential and protect personal data. Sign up on Polco and start sharing your feedback with [Community Name] today.

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