Order of poll questions

  • 12 April 2021
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Can I determine the order that respondents will see polls in a poll set? For example, say that I created five polls (questions) in a poll set. Will respondents see them in a random order (different for every respondent) or can I set the order so respondents see the questions in a certain order? 

1 reply

Polls will be shown in the order they’re published (or created, if they’re all published at once). They will be the same for every respondent except if a respondent has answered the first poll for the example, they will be directed to the second poll the next time they interact with it, but can go back to the previous poll if desired. The goal here was to make it easy for respondents to start engaging right away, while also maintaining a consistent order. You can always test out the respondent side by clicking the View button on the admin side.