Pre-Survey Launch Templates: NCS-RTG

Use this template to encourage your community to join the conversation in advance! If you plan to launch your NCS-RTG within the next 1-2 weeks, these messages provide a solid foundation for those upcoming engagement efforts. Share this messaging to announce the upcoming survey and begin building your feedback panel, so you can easily notify those subscribers later when your content is live and ready for their input. 


Initial Call for Sign-Ups

Help us make (Community Name) a great place to live!

In just a few days, we will be launching the 2024 National Community Survey, in collaboration with Polco, (Community Name)’s online civic engagement platform. To become a member of our digital sounding board and gain early access to the upcoming survey, following this link and register (Community Name)’s profile: polco.us/n/res/signup

In addition to this effort, we plan to ask follow-up questions on Polco about important topics that impact our daily lives, including the local economy, safety, and strategic planning.

Sign up today to make your voice heard!


Sign-Up Reminder

Just a reminder – (Community Name)’s 2024 National Community Survey will go live in a few days!

To become a member of (Community Name)’s digital sounding board and gain early access to the upcoming survey, follow this link and register for a Polco profile: polco.us/n/res/signup

Thank you for helping to create a better community for all!

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