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  • 7 February 2022
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NCS Blog Template: Share a Survey on Your City or Organization's Website

Your organization’s website is the home base for information, an outreach channel, and a resource for residents as well as staff and officials.

  • The purpose of this Polco Connect article is to provide a template for an announcement explaining why your city chose Polco, what you want to achieve with it, and why the survey is important to your community/jurisdiction. It will answer questions such as: 

    • Why is it valuable?

    • How will feedback be used?

    • How is data protected?

    • How do you access Polco?

  • Along with the announcement template, within Polco you can create a(n) FAQ — otherwise known as Frequently Asked Questions — page. It’s here on this page you can: 

    • Add informational areas to spell out smaller details

    • Create a home for repeated questions asked by residents

    • Allow for the page to become a point of reference for any questions residents may have

  • With this FAQ Page, you’re able to: 

    • Create articles and posts from questions with high asking rates 

    • Use certain questions on your homepage or other pages on your Polco Profile that are important to you and your residents 


Example Announcement:  


XYZ of ABC is excited to conduct the National Community Survey (NCS) and gather feedback that will create a more connected and effective community. We believe this survey — paired with the use of the Polco Platform to conduct the survey — will be valuable in many ways: 

  • It provides a fast way for residents to provide valuable feedback regarding [jurisdiction]’s NCS efforts and creates dialog between residents and community leaders.

  • It allows you, the residents of ABC to become involved in the development of the decision-making process, and move your community forward. Your voice matters, and it’s important that you get the chance to make it heard. 

  • After taking the survey, you’ve got the opportunity to stay informed on future polling or survey efforts, and continuously have an active voice in the community.

  • It keeps individual opinions and data anonymous, while allowing City staff to see broad demographic and geographic breakdowns of survey results. Your privacy is important to us.


By taking this survey and participating in the Polco Platform, we’re getting input from you, our residents, that will help us ensure that we understand your values in a clear, identifiable way. It also guarantees that we are representing all members of our community — all of whom are key in helping influence decisions we make about programs, policies, and other matters that are important to our city. Your feedback helps create a healthier economy, happier residents, and creates a better tomorrow. 


Interested in making a positive, progressive change in your community? Sign up at[shorturl] to join the conversation.

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