What is included in Polco's Track Overview dashboard?

  • 6 November 2022
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The GPAL partnership powers the data available in Polco’s Track Module and Community Insight Dashboards. Check out our virtual tour of the Overview dashboard here

When you’re ready to explore your own, on the left side navigation menu, you’ll find a new header section titled “Track.” Below that, click on “Overview.”

The Overview dashboard includes:

  • Data categorized into six domains of community livability: Safety, Economy, Land Use and Infrastructure, Community Health, Community Connection, and Education, Arts, and Culture

  • A calculated index score for each domain, so users can easily evaluate their overall performance in a given area (based on both public data and resident sentiment data, when available)

  • The ability to compare your community’s domain index scores to communities across the entire nation, or to filter comparisons by similar location and/or population size


  • Select performance indicators relevant to each domain

  • Demographic indicators relevant to the community

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