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  • 23 March 2022
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CITY OF ABC Adopts New Public Engagement Platform

Local government diversifies engagement through technology DIVERSIFYING ENGAGEMENT THROUGH TECHNOLOGY


City of ABC, [ST], [Date] – The City of ABC is excited to announce the launch of Polco (, an innovative online engagement platform that lets community members provide direct input to inform the community-based programs and decision-making of local law enforcement. Officials will post questions directly to residents on Polco’s website, where participants answer and comment on the issues. Polco makes public participation easier for residents to get involved, so more voices are heard. 


The City of ABC wants the public’s insight on The National Law Enforcement Survey, also called The NLES. Specifically, the City wants to know resident opinions and experiences with law enforcement. [add specifics here as needed]. 


[Quote from City official about how Polco is a good tool to use for the project.] Ex: “This survey will help [City/County/other] staff and Council identify priorities for future strategic positioning and community-based initiatives for law enforcement.”


The City also seeks community involvement on [other projects that the municipality will be asking for input on] on Polco in the coming weeks and months.


To get involved, local participants should go to[shorturl]. Once they have answered the survey questions, residents provide their email address and ZIP code. This ensures the city only hears from each person once. It also collects information on the general area where respondents live. Residents who provide this information will also be able to receive notifications of any future survey or polling efforts [jurisdiction name] decide to conduct. Responses are anonymous, and personal information is securely stored on Polco.


Polco is committed to a strict privacy policy—they only share anonymous, combined results. Participants’ individual data and votes are never shared. [Insert a customer quote or news about partnering with another company, if appropriate.]


For more information, contact the City at the contact information above.



About Polco

Polco brings the voice of everyday residents to their community leaders with award-winning community engagement services, online polls, and survey research. With Polco, leaders around the nation can make better-informed decisions for their communities with accurate and reliable feedback. Learn more at

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